What sort of advertisement do you offer?

Our advertising hits the streets of Australia with a different level of marketing. Thousands of 100% FREE USB devices get delivered to each house with a limited amount of advertising which would expand your business profile.

What separates your company from all the rest?

We are a company that genuinely cares about what you want and not what we think is more appealing. We make sure your advertisement is in the correct section that will allow people to find your company easier. Your company profile will be as handy as 1, 2, 3 and will reach a wide sector of the community with USBME

Why should i advertise with you?

WE CARE: No printing ads, no canvas ads, direct interaction with the people that are your potential future clients and no damage to our environment with OUR 100% eco-friendly USB.  No junk mail filling letterboxes and corroding our environment.

I know companies that have been around for years that charge much more then you, why are your prices so low?

Many companies out there are in it for the short term and don’t care of the results or damage they may cause other companies.  USBME is here to stay and as any other company we like to make our profits but at the same time, not at the expense of sending people broke for trying to get their company name out to the public. We believe in offering a helping hand.

How do i know that the USB will be actually delivered to homes in Australia?

Unlike other advertising companies out there we don't ask you to just simply trust us, we will be providing certification of delivery.

What if i wanted to advertise in a certain areas or suburbs?

We have a number of different packages and areas we deliver to and can offer advice as to what area or suburbs will best suit your business, taking into consideration the population or people it will be delivered to. It really is up to our clients to choose the best package and areas for their business.

How do i organize a meeting withone of your Sales Team Managers?

Simply click the button below and fill in our Advertising Enquiry Form.  Once we have received your form the account manager appointed to your ad will be contacting you within 24 hours to schedule a meeting with you.

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